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Full or in progress tours:

Silent Money
GD Harper
Psychological fiction/ Crime
18th - 27th October 2019
Ivy's Cornish Christmas
Jane Linfoot
Women’s fiction, Chicklit, Romcom, Romance
19th October - 1st November 2019
Notting Hill In The Snow
Jules Wake
Contemporary Romance
19th - 28th October 2019
Hallowed Ground
Paul Twivy
YA/ Adult Mystery with some Science Fiction elements
20th - 26th October 2019
Christmas Secrets at Villa Limoncello
Daisy James
Romcom / contemporary women’s fiction
21st - 27th October 2019
Christmas at Penningtons
Rachel Brimble
Historical romance/saga
21st - 30th October 2019
Weave of Love
Rachel J Bonner
NA / Adult paranormal romance (psychic), coming of age, post-apocalyptic, fantasy
24th - 31st October 2019
A Spooky Tale
Sue Wickstead
Children picture story book
25th - 31st October 2019
The Haunting at Paradise House
Killian Wolf
YA Fantasy/ Dark fantasy
26th October - 4th November 2019
To Snare A Witch
Jay Raven
Dark fantasy/ Historical horror
27th October - 2nd November 2019
Christmas at Wynter House
Emily Harvale
Women’s fiction / rom com
28th October - 3rd November 2019
The House That Alice Built
Chris Penhall
Romantic Comedy
28th October - 3rd November 2019
After Whorl Bran Reborn
Nancy Jardine
Historical Fiction/ Saga
30th October - 5th November 2019
Star in the Shadows
Helen Buckley
Contemporary women’s fiction / romance
31st October 2019
Until We Meet Again
Rosemary Goodacre
Historical WW1 Saga
31st October - 6th November 2019
One Week Til Christmas
Belinda Missen
ChickLit / Romance
1st - 14th November 2019
Hunters Force
Val Penny
Crime – police procedural
1st - 7th November 2019
Saving Grace
Jess B. Moore
NA / Adult contemporary romance
1st - 7th November 2019
The Lord's Inconvenient Vow
Lara Temple
Historical Romance (regency)
1st - 7th November 2019
William Knight
​General Fiction humour
2nd - 11th November 2019
A Christmas Kiss
Eliza J Scott
Romance / Women’s Fiction / Festive Read
4th - 11th November 2019
Christmas at Ladywell
Nicola Slade
Romantic fiction (with historical bits!)
4th November 2019
Coming home to Merriment Bay Part 1
Part One: A Reunion by Emily Harvale
women’s fiction/rom com
5th - 11th November 2019
Keeper of Secrets
Lynda Stacey
Romantic Suspense
5th - 11th November 2019
Home Alone Harry
Jerry Rhodes and Rachael Messiter
Children 3 - 6 Picture book
6th - 10th November 2019
The House That Sat Down Trilogy
Alice May
Contemporary women’s fiction/humour
6th - 19th November 2019
The Rector's Daughter
Jean Fullerton
Historical Romance/Saga
7th - 16th November 2019
The Honeysuckle Dream
Kate Frost
Women’s fiction; Romance
8th - 14th November 2019
Sea Holly and Mistletoe Kisses
Laura Briggs
Romance/chick lit
9th - 13th November 2019
Shelly Berry
Contemporary Fiction
11th - 17th November 2019
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