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Full or in progress tours:

Million Eyes
C.R. Berry
Conspiracy Thriller / Science Fiction
10th - 17th January 2020
The Cake Fairies
Isabella May
Romcom / timeslip
10th - 17th January 2020
The Violinists Apprentice
Isabella Mancini
Time-switch historical
10th - 16th January 2020
Victory Day
Rachel Churcher
YA Near-future UK-based political dystopia
10th - 16th January 2020
Monkey Arkwright
Rob Campbell
YA Mystery
10th - 16th January 2020
She Ran Away From Love
Gift book, ‘Picture book for grownups,’ ‘novella with pictures’
10th - 16th January 2020
Beyond The Moon
Catherine Taylor
Historical fiction/time travel
11th - 20th January 2020
A Messy Affair
Elizabeth Mundy
Crime (‘a tough cosy’)
13th - 22nd January 2020
Sixty Minutes
Tony Salter
Literary Thriller
15th - 21st January 2020
The Bus Ride
Joanie Chevalier
General Humor; Travel Adventure Fiction
16th - 20th January 2020
Perfect Match
Zoe May
Romantic Comedy/ Chick lit
17th January 2020
Tomorrow's Ancestors Series
AE Warren
Speculative Fiction
17th - 26th January 2020
Legacy of Light
C. D. Tavenor
17th - 23rd January 2020
The Black Ditch
Simon J Lancaster
Dystopian future thriller
18th - 24th January 2020
A Degree of Uncertainty
Nicola K Smith
Contemporary fiction
18th - 27th January 2020
The Profit Motive
David Beckler
Crime Thriller
18th - 24th January 2020
Agricola's Bane
Nancy Jardine
Historical Fiction/ Saga
20th - 26th January 2020
133 Hours
Zach Abrams
Thriller, (psychological thriller)
20th January 2020
Rocks and Flowers in a Box
Cynthia Hilston
Literary fiction / historical romance
21st January 2020
A Winter Wedding at the Little Duck Pond
Rosie Green
22nd - 31st January 2020
Hunters Blood
Val Penny
Crime – police procedural
22nd - 31st January 2020
K. J. McGillick
23rd - 27th January 2020
The Cure
Patricia Ann Bowen
Time travel romance, suspense
23rd - 27th January 2020
Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen
Cass Grafton and Ada Bright
Time travel romance / women’s fiction
25th - 31st January 2020
A Reason To Grieve
Mick Williams
Romantic comedy
25th - 31st January 2020
When We Say Goodbye
Michelle Vernal
Women’s fiction
26th - 30th January 2020
A Crown In Time
Jennifer Macaire
NA / Adult time travel / historical fiction
27th January - 2nd February 2020
Tales of the What the Fck
D.A. Watson
Short story collection
27th January - 5th February 2020
Rags to Riches Wife
Catherine Tinley
Regency Romance
27th January - 2nd February 2020
The Telephone Call
Michael Pakenham
28th January - 3rd February 2020
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