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Full or in progress tours:

The Secret of the Chateau
Kathleen McGurl
Historical/dual timeline
15th - 23rd May 2020
An Implacable Woman
K.T. Findlay
Thriller / Dark Humour
16th - 25th May 2020
When Darkness Begins
Tina O’Hailey
YA / Adult Sci-fi / fantasy
19th - 25th May 2020
Celeste Three Is Missing
Chris Calder
19th - 25th May 2020
Captured by Her Enemy Knight
Nicole Locke
Historical Romance
20th - 24th May 2020
A Cornish Summer Holiday at the Little D
Rosie Green
21st - 30th May 2020
Winters Gift
Florence Keeling
Women's fiction / romance / chick lit
21st- 25th May 2020
The Plus One Pact
Portia MacIntosh
Romantic Comedy
21st - 27th May 2020
JoJos French Escape
Lorraine Wilson
Women’s fiction / Romantic comedy
22nd May 2020
A Good Demon Is Hard To Find
Kate Moseman
Paranormal romantic comedy
23rd - 27th May 2020
Time Out
Emma Murray
Women’s fiction
26th May - 1st June 2020
Heart and the City
Cecilia Fyre
Contemporary romance (novella)
26th May - 1st June 2020
Rainy Days for the Harpers Girls
Rosie Clarke
2nd - 8th June 2020
Growing Up For Beginners
Claire Calman
Women’s Fiction
4th - 10th June 2020
Coming Home To Heritage Cove
Helen J Rolfe
Women’s fiction / romantic fiction
6th - 15th June 2020
The Book Of Us
Andrea Michael
Book club / Women’s fiction
8th - 14th June 2020
Summer in the City
Emma Jackson
Romantic Comedy
10th - 16th June 2020
The Beauty of Broken Things
The Beauty of Broken Things
Victoria Connelly
Mainstream fiction
10th - 23rd June 2020
Tangled In Ivy
Ashley Farley
Women’s Fiction
10th - 16th June 2020
Seven and a Half Minutes
Roxana Valea
Women’s Contemporary Fiction
10th - 16th June 2020
The Summer of Taking Chances
Lynne Shelby
Women’s fiction / contemporary romance
11th - 17th June 2020
One Day in Summer
Shari Low
Women’s Fiction
11th - 24th June 2020
The Little Teashop in Tokyo
Julie Caplin
Contemporary romance
11th - 20th June 2020
The Old Girls Network
Judy Leigh
Women’s fiction
16th - 22nd June 2020
Up Close and Personal
Kathryn Freeman
Contemporary romance/ rom com
17th - 23rd June 2020
Never Ever Tell
Kirsty Ferguson
Domestic Noir
18th - 24th June 2020
Agony Auntics
Julie Butterfield
Romantic Comedy
19th - 26th June 2020
Tell That To My Heart
Eliza J Scott
Romance / Women’s Fiction
22nd - 29th June 2020
A Wish For Jinnie
Audrey Davis
Romantic Comedy
22nd June - 1st July 2020
A Village Murder
Frances Evesham
Cosy Crime
23rd - 29th June 2020
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