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Full or in progress tours:

Lady Ediths Lonely Heart
Audrey Harrison
Regency Romance
26th February - 4th March 2020
Cloth of Grace
Rachel J Bonner
NA / Adult paranormal romance (psychic), coming of age, post-apocalyptic, fantasy
29th February - 7th March 2020
Karen Heenan
Historical fiction
1st - 7th March 2020
Youve Got My Number
Angela Barton
Contemporary women’s fiction
2nd - 8th March 2020
We Are Animals
Tim Ewins
Humorous fiction
2nd - 8th March 2020
The Widows Mite
Allie Cresswell
Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction
5th - 11th March 2020
Esmes Wish
Elizabeth Foster
MG / YA (ages 10-14) Fantasy
5th - 11th March 2020
Distorted Days
Louise Worthington
Contemporary women’s fiction / literary fiction / relationship story
6th - 13th March 2020
The Healing Stone
Vacen Taylor
MG Fantasy
8th - 14th March 2020
Karl Drinkwater
Sci-fi (with hints of horror / thriller)
9th - 15th March 2020
Queen of Bones
Teresa Dovalpage
9th - 15th March 2020
Tooth And Blade
Julian Barr
Historical Fantasy.
9th - 15th March 2020
The School of Starting Over
Lisa Swift
Women's fiction / Romcom
11th - 17th March 2020
The Chapel
Jess B. Moore
Contemporary romance
12th - 18th March 2020
The New Guy
Kathryn Freeman
Contemporary romance
13th - 23rd March 2020
Game Changer
Lasairiona McMaster
NA Romance
14th -23rd March 2020
Surviving Me
Jo Johnson
Commercial fiction/ Women’s fiction
15th - 28th March 2020
Empires Exile
Marian L Thorpe
NA / Adult historical fantasy (no magic) or alternate world adventure
16th - 22nd March 2020
All the Beautiful Liars
Sylvia Petter
Literary fiction
16th - 22nd March 2020
A Prison in the Sun
Isobel Blackthorn
Mystery (with literary elements)
16th - 25th March 2020
52 Weeks of Writing Author Journal and P
Mariëlle S. Smith
17th March 2020
The Faerie Tree
Jane Cable
Romance with a twist of mystery
18th - 22nd March 2020
Five Minutes Alfie
Lily Mae Walters
Children's picture book
18th - 22nd March 2020
Clover Cottage
Christie Barlow
Romantic comedy
20th March - 2nd April 2020
Death in the Sound
Rhen Garland
Victorian murder mystery, supernatural mystery,
20th - 26th March 2020
Lemon Drizzle Mondays at the Little Duck
Rosie Green
22nd - 31st March 2020
On A Falling Tide
Georgia Hill
Historical romance / timeslip / ghost story
23rd - 29th March 2020
The Walls We Build
Jules Hayes
Historical, dual timeline, family saga/mystery
23rd - 30th March 2020
Point Of No Return
Tanya Jean Russell
Romantic Suspense
23rd March - 1st April 2020
Summer in Provence
Lucy Coleman
Women’s contemporary fiction
27th March - 5th April 2020
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