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Full or in progress tours:

The Christmas Swap
Sandy Barker
Contemporary romantic comedy / travel romcom
11th - 20th October 2020
The Deptford girls
Patricia McBride
World war two saga/historical fiction
12th - 21st October 2020
Christmas Reunion in Paris
Liz Fielding
Contemporary Romance
13th - 19th October 2020
The Other Woman
Amanda Brookfield
Women’s Fiction
13th - 19th October 2020
A Conspiracy of Silence
Anna Legat
Crime fiction, mystery, detective/police procedural
15th - 21st October 2020
The Secret Landlord
Narrative non fiction
15th October 2020
The House Mate
Nina Manning
Psychological Thriller
15th - 21st October 2020
One Family Christmas
Bella Osborne
Romantic Comedy
15th - 22nd October 2020
The Ticklemore Christmas Toy Shop
Liz Davies
Rom Com
18th October 2020
Endless Skies
Jane Cable
Contemporary Romance
19th - 23rd October 2020
The 12 Christmases of You & Me
Jennifer Joyce
Romantic Comedy
20th - 26th October 2020
An Unusual Boy
Fiona Higgins
Women’s Fiction
20th - 26th October 2020
Unbound Ties
Liz Mistry
Crime fiction Police Procedural
21st - 27th October 2020
The Cornish Key To Happiness
Laura Briggs
Romance/chick lit
21st October 2020
Kevin Albin
YA / Adult General Fiction with historical themes
22nd - 28th October 2020
The Murder Club
Nikki Crutchley
Crime / mystery
22nd - 31st October 2020
Mine To Five
Tara September
Contemporary Romance, Holiday
23rd - 29th October 2020
Christmas at the Farmhouse
Rebecca Boxall
Cosy, feel-good drama
24th - 31st October 2020
About Last Night
A. S. Kelly
Romantic Comedy
25th - 31st October 2020
The Flame Within
Liz Harris
Historical romantic fiction
25th - 31st October 2020
The German Officers Girl
Jina Bacarr
Historical Romance
27th October - 2nd November 2020
Lady In Red
Tessa Buckley
MG Mystery/detective
28th October 2020
Until We Can Forgive
Rosemary Goodacre
WW1 Saga
28th October - 3rd November 2020
Under the Warriors Protection
Ella Matthews
Medieval historical romance
29th October - 2nd November 2020
Inside Voices
Sarah Davis
YA / NA – Contemporary fiction
29th October - 2nd November 2020
Love Offline
Olivia Spring
Romantic Comedy/Chick Lit/Women’s Contemporary Fiction
30th October 2020
The Forger and the Thief
Kirsten McKenzie
Historical thriller (with a small hint of paranormal)
31st October - 6th November 2020
Unbroken Truth
Lukas Lundh
Steelpunk spy thriller, fantasy
1st November 2020
The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery
Su Young Lee
YA / NA / Adult Clean Romance
1st - 10th November 2020
And Then She Shines
Helen Libby
Contemporary Women’s Fiction
1st - 7th November 2020
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