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Welcome to the Rachel's Random Resources media kit directory. 

Here you will find all the media kits, graphics, and if applicable individual content posts for each tour. 

I have organised this by month the tour will start in, followed be a sub folder with each book title.  Where possible, I have put the media kit, author photo, cover image, banners, and giveaway pic (if there is one) with the same starting file name so clustered together. 

Equally if you have requested a Q&A, Guest Post or Extract for the tour, you will find it in that tours folder, and the file (s) will start with your blog name for your convenience. 

I don't have a way of sorting the folders alphabetically unfortunately, it appears the order is the order I put the folders into the background - so the sooner the tour is, the nearer the top. 

Just click each file name and it will allow you to download, like any other download you would do. 

Cover Reveals - will still be emailed only, due to not wanting the cover shared ahead of time. 

If you have any questions or can't find what you are looking for then please do contact me.

Or if you are on a mobile / tablet, please just let me know and I'll email you the files. 

Failing that, try this handy link to view and download the files direct from dropbox. (Should be mobile compatible)

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