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5 Day Mini Blog Blitz

The 5 day mini blog blitz is perfect for the author who would like a prolonged burst of publicity without any day being completely overwhelming.  Less frenetic than a 1 day blitz, but more condensed than a blog tour, this is the solution for those who have a short space of time to promote their book, and want the best bang for their buck! 

Running over a 5 day duration is perfect for those wanting just something over the weekdays, and gives bloggers a good choice of dates to ensure they can fit you in.

For just £57.50 I will organise you a 5 day mini blog blitz, featuring reviews, promo posts and any additional content that you are happy to provide.

What will I require?

  • Booking needs to be made minimum 2 months in advance (subject to availability)

  • Copies of the book made available to reviewers as early as possible, no later than 3 weeks before. 

  • To fill in an information form asking for various details from which I can then use to create the media kit and target relevant bloggers from

  • We can discuss ahead of booking confirmation exactly what additional content you are willing to offer, and the time frames required for it

  • Author to also share the posts on social media


What I will do

  • Email to all bloggers that are interested in your genres asking for participation

  • Use Twitter and Facebook to also advertise your 5 day mini blog blitz to attract new participants

  • Bloggers offered a choice of posts from review, promo to the additional content we agree on (eg. Q&A, Guest Posts, Extracts)

  • A page on Rachel's Random Resources with the 5 Day Mini Blog Blitz opening on it, updating the schedule regularly and ultimately having the finished posts linked on it.

  • Distribute review copies

  • Create a media kit and distribute it to all participants

  • Banner to advertise the 5 day mini blog blitz

  • Regular tweeting and sharing of the posts over the duration of the blitz

  • Supply a list of participants in advance to the author, and a list of all the posts after the event. 

  • Optional Extra - Giveaway - author to supply the prize, I will set up the giveaway, distribute the details to the bloggers, draw the winner etc..

  • Min 5 bloggers - 1 per day. 

  • Max 25 bloggers - 5 per day


  • £57.50 payment in advance.

  • Payment is via Paypal only and you have 5 days in which to pay your invoice. 

  • Work won't start until I receive your payment

Cancellation & Refunds

  • If for any reason I can't reach the minimum number of bloggers interested in your promotion within five days of my first email to bloggers, a 90% refund will be given and the event will be cancelled.

  • The maximum is just that, and it can't be guaranteed.  After a month of promoting your tour predominately on emails and my Facebook tour hosts group, if the tour isn't full, it will be running with the number of bloggers on it at that point.  Tours will most likely have a number of participants between the min and max numbers. 

  • Please let me know ASAP if cancellation is required. Partial refunds available depending how close to the start it is.

  • If the promotion dates need to be changed please email me in advance, at the earliest possibly convenience. Dependent on my availability, I will either offer a partial refund based on how much work has been done, or be happy to rearrange at dates that are mutually convenient. 

Please contact me if you would like to discuss or purchase a 5 Day Mini Blog Blitz

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