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Trust Me by Candace Hutton

Genre: Romance

Tour Dates: 25th January 2021

Publication Date: 22nd January 2021

Formats available: Kindle Copy or PDF

Standalone First book in the Manhattan Marriage trilogy

Estimated Page Count - 125

Author Content Warning: A woman is slipped a roofie, but it’s part of a revenge scheme and nothing happens to her.

Types of post available: Reviews, extracts, Q&As (author and blogger supplied)

Brooke Anderson never pictured herself as a divorcee at twenty-eight. But when she mentioned a getting a post-nup to her husband of one deliciously-sex-filled year, he promptly served her with divorce papers. Admittedly, she could’ve told him about how her father left her and her mother homeless when she was young, and how she’s never been wired to trust anyone. Especially those closest to her.


Garrett Call grew up with parents who married for money and wants no part of a life that puts material possessions above love. Admittedly, he could’ve handled the issue better with his ex-wife. And maybe he didn’t count on how much he was going to miss having her in his life.


When they’re pushed together again for their best friends’ wedding, and a phantom from Garrett’s past threatens Brooke, they realize that the only way to save themselves is to trust each other.

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About Candace Hutton

Candace Hutton was born and raised on books. She spent a great deal of her teenage years in libraries and bookstores and still tries to sneak off to them as often as possible. Some of her other favorite things are coffee, puppies, and the smell of rain. You can connect with her on Twitter @authorcandace

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