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The No-Hopers Christmas Club and other stories is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contacme on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

The No-Hopers Christmas Club and other stories by Geraldine Ryan


Genre: Seasonal short stories

Tour Dates: 24th - 30th November 2022

Publication Date: 18th November 2022

Publisher: Wrate's Publishing

Standalone Short Story Anthology

Formats available: Epub and PDF

Types of post available: Reviews and basic promo / spotlight posts

Eighteen captivating short stories around the theme of Christmas.


It’s Christmas Eve at the Dog Sanctuary and all but three of the remaining strays have found a home. Then there’s Joy, who has a home, but no longer feels welcome there. What can she do to change her situation?


Irene had made plans to spend Christmas with her new boyfriend. But she hasn’t reckoned with the juggernaut that is Pixie, who has other ideas. Can she ever shake off the woman who, through the years, appears to have made a habit of trampling all over Irene’s plans for a quiet life?


It’s Secret Santa time in the office. But how do you decide what to buy your co-worker when all you know about them is their job description?


A new born baby is abandoned by his mother just hours after he is born. While everyone hopes his mother will return to claim him, there is one particular nurse who feels a special bond with the Christmas baby they’ve called Gabriel.


Geraldine Ryan is a prolific short-story writer whose work has appeared in Woman’s Weekly and Take a Break’s Fiction Feast magazines. These stories revolve around Christmas and the hopes, dreams and challenges of the characters who figure in them. Whether you’re looking for a tale of romance, a tear-jerker or something to make you laugh out loud, there’s something for everyone in this, the writer’s second anthology of character led stories. 


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About Geraldine Ryan

Geraldine Ryan is a proud Northerner who has spent most of her life in Cambridge – the one with the punts. She holds a degree in Scandinavian Studies, but these days only puts it to use when identifying which language is being spoken among the characters of whatever Scandi drama is currently showing on TV. For many years, she worked as a teacher of English and of English as a second or foreign language, in combination with rearing her four children, all of whom are now grown-up, responsible citizens. Her first published story appeared in My Weekly in 1993. Since then, her stories have appeared in Take a Break, Fiction Feast and Woman’s Weekly, as well as in women’s magazines abroad. She has also written two young adult novels – Model Behaviour (published by Scholastic) and The Lies and Loves of Finn (Channel 4 Books.) She plans for Riding Pillion with George Clooney to be the first of several short story anthologies.

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