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Share the Book Love Social Media Blitz

Would you like to tell everyone about your new book / price drop  / older release / freebie / upcoming Facebook Live / online launch party or whatever else your creative mind would like to promote? Fancy having a one day boost to your exposure across social media for your book?  With a team of book bloggers eager to share your pre-written message across their social media, to followers you know enjoy reading? 

In which case these share the book lover social media blitzes just what you are looking for. 

While physical opportunities for book promotion are being limited for the foreseeable future, and the world being full of doom and gloom, here at Rachel's Random Resources we would like to spread positivity, in spreading the word about your fabulous books.

I have a team of book bloggers who have already agreed that they are happy to help out on social media blitz days, all eager to share your pre-prepared tweets / Facebook and and Instagram posts on a given date for your blitz.  When you combine many people all with good numbers of followers all spreading a message just think how many new people you could reach. 

The aim of this opportunity is to gain more exposure for yourself and your books, giving you a big buzz and hopefully a boost. Until people discover your book exists, it is a lot harder to get them to read them!

These new Social media Blitzes are available for only £25.  No min or max level of participants, the more the merrier. 

What will I require?

  • Booking needs to be made minimum 1 week in advance, earlier if possible (and subject to availability).

  • To fill in a booking form asking for a few details, and more importantly your wording for the tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, plus cover image and / or promotional graphics.

  • A hashtag for your blitz - so we can identify the posts from it easily. 

  • Author to also share the posts on social media and thank participants. 

What I will do

  • Email to all book lovers on my social media blitz list to ask if they wish to take part. 

  • Create a info sheet with all the pre-supplied details and distribute to all participants.

  • On the blitz date, thanking all participants and offering some RT / Sharing support. 

  • Will let you know how many participants are taking part.

  • After the event will give you a list of all the links to the posts across each social media platform that I have located (which you can then use to share them on future days too, giving this longer life than just 1 day).

  • No minimum or maximum amount of bloggers, we want as big a buzz on your social media blitz as possible to gain you as much exposure as possible. The more times a person sees a book on social media, the more they start to trust the brand, and thus will be more curious about it. 


  • £25 payment in advance.

  • Payment is via PayPal only and you have 5 days in which to pay your invoice. (Please note that if you are only trying to book a week ahead of time, prompt payment is vital). 

  • Work won't start until I receive your payment.

Cancellation & Refunds

  • If the promotion dates need to be changed please email me in advance, at the earliest possibly convenience and I will do my best to accommodate the new dates. 

Please contact me if you would like to discuss or purchase a Share The Book Love Social Media Blitz. 

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