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Out of the Bower is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Out of the Bower Cover

Out of the Bower by A.E. Walnofer


Genre: Historical romantic fiction

Tour Dates: 15th - 21st July 2021

Publication Date: 25th December 2020

Formats available: Mobi, PDF or very limited US Paperbacks

Estimated Page Count - 313

Standalone first book in the Durbin Family series

Potential Trigger Warning: One incident of sexual assault in this book is described in limited and nongratuitous detail

Types of post available: Reviews or basic promo / spotlight posts

Purchase Link -

London, 1817: When Barclay Durbin, a young street preacher, encounters Honora Goodwin, injured on a London street, he doesn’t know she has just escaped from Titania’s Bower, a brothel. Taking her to his ancestral home to recover amongst his family, he falls in love with the vivacious girl and comes to believe that she is divinely appointed to become his wife.


Honora begins to feel similarly and knows that the good-hearted gentleman’s attentions would likely ensure her future happiness, but she is intent on liberating Celia Woodlow – the friend she was forced to leave behind at the Bower. Telling Barclay only parts of her own story, Honora enlists the besotted young man to help her.


When their plan goes awry, Honora realizes that only the truth can deliver them from the emotional and societal maelstrom in which they find themselves. But if she divulges all, what will become of Honora and Barclay’s budding attachment? And will Celia ever gain her freedom?


Out of the Bower tells the tale of a forbidden romance, an ardent friendship, and the ever-essential redemption of self.

About A.E. Walnofer

A.E. Walnofer spends weekdays mobilizing the soft tissue and synovial joints of patients, and weekends typing out stories that are incessantly brewing inside her head. There are lots of these tales and she hopes to share many more of them with you in the future.

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