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Whispers Through The Canvas Cover

Whispers Through The Canvas by K. J. McGillick


Genre: Historical thriller / mystery with elements of magical realism

Tour Dates: 16th - 22nd May 2024

Publication Date: 8th April 2024

Standalone First book in a new series

Estimated Page Count: 370

Formats available: Epub

Types of post available: Reviews, Extracts, Guest Posts and Q&As

In the shadowy embrace of the Tudor era, a portrait has emerged, concealing a secret that time itself couldn't contain. This inanimate prison, dormant for centuries, now stirs with insidious purpose. Its mystery finds an unexpected key – art scholar Rowan Southeil.

A perplexing murder intricately linked to the cryptic painting thrusts art scholar Rowan Southeil into a relentless investigation. Detective Lancaster, recognizing Rowan's unique ability to decipher symbols, enlists her as an unlikely ally. Together, they race against time to unravel the secrets embedded in the painting, each revelation bringing them closer to a killer and a conspiracy that spans centuries. Meanwhile, the victim's restless spirit befriends Rowan, whispering tantalizing clues about her life before the untimely death, aiming to assist in their pursuit of the truth. Yet, as Rowan delves into the sinister symbolism woven into the haunting canvas, a dark magic awakens, threatening to consume her utterly.

Her probing unleashes volatile time portals concealed within the artwork, violently flinging Rowan on perilous journeys across the 16th and 17th centuries. These abrupt displacements ignite her dormant magical abilities, drawing the predatory attention of the sinister occultist Lev Rubliov. Recognizing Rowan's formidable potential, he hatches a twisted plot to exploit her power through the painting - a conduit for him to manipulate the very streams of time. Now relentlessly pursued by Rubliov through fractured, converging realities, Rowan must race to master her newfound abilities...for if she fails, under Rubilov history may crumble. And beyond that, something even more personal and precious is at stake - her very soul.

With its unique approach to time travel, a riveting murder investigation, and rich character dynamics, WHISPERS THROUGH THE CANVAS promises an immersive and thought-provoking journey through the echoes of time itself.

An ingenious fusion of thriller, historical mystery, and magical realism exploration, Whispers Through the Canvas is a haunting, genre-defying novel that seamlessly intertwines a chilling modern-day murder investigation with the shadowy intrigues of 16th century London. For those who love A Discovery of Witches and Outlander this is for you.

About K. J. McGillick

From the bustling courtrooms of Atlanta to the vibrant tapestry of 16th-century England, Kathleen McGillick's life and career have been a captivating blend of legal expertise, artistic passion, and a thirst for adventure.

Fueled by an undergraduate and graduate degree in nursing, Kathleen built a foundation of compassion and care. This dedication to service later led her to pursue a Juris Doctorate, allowing her to navigate the intricacies of the legal system for nearly three decades. Her courtroom experience now breathes life into the intricate details of her legal thrillers, ensuring every courtroom scene crackles with authenticity.

But Kathleen's story doesn't end there. A deep fascination with art history led her to delve into the world of renowned artists and captivating eras. Her particular passion for 16th-century British history allows her to transport readers to richly detailed historical settings, immersing them in the culture, politics, and societal nuances of the time.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to her craft, Kathleen has independently published eleven legal thrillers since 2018. Her commitment extends beyond solo creation, as she actively engages with the writing community, honing her skills through workshops and courses led by renowned authors.

And when she's not crafting captivating narratives, Kathleen embarks on international journeys, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences that further enrich her writing. This global perspective adds another layer of depth and realism to her stories, allowing readers to connect with characters and settings that transcend geographical boundaries.

To delve deeper into Kathleen's world and explore her captivating legal thrillers, visit her website at

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