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The Season For Love is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

The Season For Love Cover

The Season For Love by M.W. Arnold

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour Dates: 5th to 11th December 2017

Publication Date: First week in December 2017

Estimated Page Count - 220

Standalone Novel

Formats available: Mobi,, Epub & PDF

Types of post available: Review or Promo Post

Believing she was responsible for the death of her husband, Chrissie Stewart retreats from all those who love her. A chance meeting with mysterious stranger, single-parent Josh Morgan and his bewitching young daughter Lizzy, breathe new life into her and gradually, she feels able to start to let go of the memory of her lost love.


Unexpected links are revealed between the two families that strengthen the growing bonds she feels to this man and with the encouragement of her best friend Annie, herself hiding a hidden conflict from Chrissie, she battles with her demons to believe in her ability to trust and love again.


Everything comes to a head on Christmas Day; which all goes to show that this is truly The Season for Love.

About M.W. Arnold

Mick is a hopeless romantic who was born in England, and spent fifteen years roaming around the world in the pay of HM Queen Elisabeth II in the Royal Air Force, before putting down roots, and realising how much he missed the travel. This, he’s replaced somewhat with his writing, including reviewing books and writing a regular post at the blog site.

He’s the proud keeper of a cat bent on world domination, is mad on the music of the Beach Boys and enjoys the theatre and humouring his Manchester United supporting wife. Finally, and most importantly, Mick’s a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, with the forthcoming publication of his debut novel The Season for Love.

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Blog Tour Schedule

Maximum 3 stops per day.  Confirmed blogs will appear here. 

5th December

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  3. Ellie Henshaw - Review

  4. Bookaholic Confessions

6th December

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  3. My Life, One Story at a Time - Promo

  4. Shyla’s Uncensored Opinions - Review

7th December

  1. Sue Moorcroft on Rachel's Random Reads - Interview

  2. My Eclectic Reads - Promo

  3. Sally Jenkins - Guest Post

8th December

  1.  Donna's Book Blog - Promo

  2.  The Blossom Twins - Review

  3.  Erin Green Author - Q&A

9th December

  1. Book Lover In Florida - Promo

  2. Dash Fan's Book Reviews - Promo

  3. Rae Reads - Review

  4. Shoshi Reads - Review

10th December

  1. Ali - The Dragon Slayer - Promo

  2. Being Anne - Promo

  3. The Haphazardous Hippo - Review

  4. Elaina James: A Writer's World - Review

11th December

  1.  Bound 2 Escape - Spotlight

  2.  Nesie's Place - Review

  3.  Morton S Gray - Q&A

  4.  The Book Nerd - Spotlight

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