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The PlastIc Seed by Maisie Porter

Genre: Suspense

Tour Dates: 26th - 30th March 2019

Publication Date: 19th December 2018

Publisher - Crooked Cat Books

Formats available: Mobi only

Standalone Novella

Estimated Page Count - 123

Types of post available: Reviews or basic spotlight/promo posts

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Two schemes uncoil—and, very quickly, begin to unravel—on the same day in the Australian town of West Glassport…


Jean Hima isn’t happy with the way her life has been going. First, her husband leaves her. Then, she loses her job as a midwife at the local hospital, over the easily-fixed misplacement of a baby or two…


Now, Jean is sure a snooty real estate agent is blocking her efforts to find a rental in a nice part of town.


Given possession of a batch of incriminating photographs, who wouldn’t begin thinking about a little life-restorative blackmail?


Written in three acts and covering a quarter of a century, The Plastic Seed is an environmental thriller that explores the hypocrisy of some aspects of the philosophy of wellness. This novella is part satire of the human potential movement, and sincere testimony to the ability of humans to face facts when given no choice.

About Maisie Porter 

Maisie Porter works as a professional photographer in Australia, with wide experience covering weddings, though she has neither abducted nor been abducted by any competitors. No Reception is Maisie's first novel.

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