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The Gilded Cage on the Bosphorus Cover

The Gilded Cage on the Bosphorus by Ayşe Osmanoğlu


Genre: Historical Fiction

Tour Dates: 6th July 2021

Publication Date: 6th July 2020

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count: 528

Formats available: Mobi, Epub or PDF

Types of post available: Reviews, or basic promo /spotlight posts or Limited extracts, Q&As

Purchase Link:

It is 1903 – the dawn of a new century in İstanbul, the Ottoman Imperial capital. Anarchy and unrest threaten the old order in Europe; meanwhile, powerful enemies are plotting the fall of the once mighty Ottoman Empire.


Languishing behind the high walls and heavily-guarded gates of the Çırağan Palace are the former Sultan Murad V and his family. This palace on the shores of the Bosphorus has been their ‘gilded cage’ for nearly thirty years: ever since Murad’s deposition in 1876, they have been held in strict confinement on the orders of his younger brother, the autocratic ruler Sultan Abdülhamid II.


Murad knows that only his death can bring freedom for his beloved family. His hopes are simple: that his daughters and granddaughters may find love and happiness; that his son and grandsons may seek out adventure, fulfilment and purpose; and above all, that the Ottoman Empire may survive the attacks on its sovereignty. But the waters of the Bosphorus run deep: violence comes dangerously close to home, and scandal in the family threatens to bring destruction of all that he holds dear …

About Ayşe Osmanoğlu

Ayşe Osmanoğlu is a member of the Imperial Ottoman family, being descended from Sultan Murad V through her grandfather and from Sultan Mehmed V (Mehmed Reşad) through her grandmother. After reading History and Politics at the University of Exeter, she then obtained an M.A. in Turkish Studies at SOAS, University of London, specialising in Ottoman History. She lives in the UK with her husband and five children

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