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Space Dragons is going on a blog tour with Rachel's Random Resources. If you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Space Dragons Cover

Space Dragons by Robin Bennett

Target Age: MG (8-12 years)

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Blog Tour Dates 19th - 26th June 2019

Publication Date: 19th June 2019

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page count: 210

Formats Available - Kindle copies (International) and UK Paperbacks

Type of Post Available - Reviews, guest posts, extracts and Q&As

‘If Stan Pollux had known he would be spending his summer holidays in the outer reaches of our solar system, he would have put on different underpants.’


When eleven-year-old Stan  gets kidnapped by the Planet Dragon, Mercury, he finds himself in a universe of dragons who once ruled the skies as gods: Mars, Venus, Saturn, and even Uranus … way out back. This is shaping up to be the best summer holiday in the history of the cosmos, until Stan discovers his stupid sister, Poppy, is missing, and that Pluto (AKA Hades) is trying to use her to destroy the Solar System. And it will be all Stan’s fault if he doesn’t get Poppy back.


So, all Stan has to do is learn how to fight like a hero in space armour, defeat the dragon god of the Underworld, Hades, rescue his sister and save the world. All before his parents realise she has missed breakfast.



About Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett is an author and entrepreneur who has written several books for children, adults, and everything in between. Listed in the Who’s Who of British Business Excellence at 29, his 2016 documentary "Fantastic Britain", about the British obsession with fantasy and folklore, won best foreign feature at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, and his first book for young adults, Picus the Thief, won the Writer's News Indie Published Book of the Year Award in 2012. Robin is also a director at Firefly Press

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