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Slanted and Disenchanted is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contacme on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Slanted and Disenchanted Cover

Slanted and Disenchanted by Lisa Czarina Michaud


Genre: Young Adult

Tour Dates: 21st - 28th September 2021

Publication Date: 21st September 2021

Standalone First Book in The Disenchanted series

Formats available: Mobi, PDF, US Paperbacks and Very Limited UK Paperbacks

Estimated Page Count - 300

Types of post available: Reviews, Q&As and Limited extracts and Author Supplied Q&As

Author Content Warning: There is a fair amount of cursing and references to sex. Not erotica though.

She hates her family. He’s hiding behind his teenage sex life. They form a band as an escape.


On tour, can they start over....or will all secrets come out on the open road?

Carla Bucchio never cared about things like boyfriends and SATs. If she did, maybe life at 20 would be more exciting than developing photos on Long Island. When she chooses the guitar over a social life, it only makes sense because no one talks to her anyway.

Music may be Pete Albrecht’s life but what good is his talent if he has no one to share it with? When he’s not getting bitched about coffee at work, he’s getting nagged about college by his girlfriend. What would they say if they really knew about him?

At the outset of the new millennium where boy bands and backup dancers have saturated pop culture, the two college dropouts start a rock band. Despite his girlfriend’s manipulations and her mother’s drunken disapproval, they form a secret connection through the music even if she’s a little Riot Grrrl and he’s a little Krautrock. 

Before heading out on their cross-country tour, tragedy turns the world upside down forcing them to decide if the band is just a teenage dream or their gateway to freedom…and to each other?

Slanted and Disenchanted is the provocative first book in Lisa Czarina Michaud’s coming-of-age Disenchanted series. Told with wry humor and nostalgic 90’s undertones, it’s High Fidelity meets Moxie that explores sexual tension in friendships, the confusion of adulting, the love and chaos of family….and the soundtracks that get us through it all.

About Lisa Czarina Michaud

Lisa Czarina Michaud is an American writer living in France. Her work has been published in Narratively,, The Huffington Post, xojane, as well as other publications. Slanted and Disenchanted in her first novel.

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Lisa Czarina Michaud Cover

Publication Day Premium Package Schedule

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21st September

  1. A Word About Words

  2. Rincón de Joss

  3. Sj_bookshelf

  4. Books Beans & Botany



22nd September

  1. Mickysbookworm

  2. B for bookreview

23rd September

  1. My Fictional Oasis

  2. Jazzy Book Reviews

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