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Shoot the Moon is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources. If you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Shoot the Moon by Bella Cassidy

Target Age: New adult / Adult

Genre: Contemporary romance / women’s fiction

Tour Dates: 18th - 27th March 2022

Publication Date: September 2021

Formats available: Mobi or UK Paperbacks

Estimated Page Count: 318

Standalone Novel

Potential Trigger Warning: Baby loss (miscarriage and stillbirth)

Types of post available: Review, extracts, guest posts and Q&As

Purchase Link: –

Tassie Morris is everyone’s favourite wedding photographer, famous for her photos of offbeat ceremonies and alternative brides. Yet commitment is proving impossible for Tassie herself, who cannot forget her first love.

When she’s sent to photograph a ceremony on Schiehallion - the Fairy Hill of the Scottish Caledonians - she meets Dan, who might be the one to make her forget her past. That is, until a family crisis begins a chain of events that threaten to destroy not only Tassie’s love life, but her entire career.

Set in a colourful world of extraordinary weddings, Shoot the Moon explores the complexities of different kinds of love: romantic love, mother love, friendship. And, ultimately, the importance of loving yourself.

Shoot the Moon Cover

About Bella Cassidy

Bella Cassidy did a lot of research for writing her wedding romance, having had two herself. For her first she was eight months pregnant - a whale in bright orange - and married in a barn with wood fires burning. The second saw her in elegant Edwardian silk, crystals and lace, teamed with yellow wellies and a cardigan. Both were great fun; but it was lovely having her daughter alongside, rather than inside her at the second one.

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