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Saint Justice is going on a blog tour with Rachel's Random Resources. If you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Saint Justice by Mike Grist


Genre: Vigilante Thriller

Tour Dates: 13th - 22nd November 2020

Publication Date: 17th June 2019

Standalone 1st Book in a series

Formats available: Mobi, Epub and PDF

Estimated Page Count: 450

Author Content Warning: The villains are a white supremacist cult. There is some brainwashing and violence but not gory.

Types of post available: Reviews (preferred) or basic promo / spotlight posts

Hundreds of human cages hidden in the desert. One man with nothing to lose.

Christopher Wren walks into a biker bar in Price, Utah after three weeks on the road. An arbitrary decision he's about to regret.

The bikers attack Wren, leave him for dead and steal his truck.

Now he's going to get it back.

From a secure warehouse in the desert. Ringed with fences. Filled with human cages.

As Wren digs deeper, a dark national conspiracy unravels and the body count mounts, but one thing is for sure.

They picked the wrong guy to teach a lesson.

Saint Justice Cover

About Mike Grist

Born in the UK to a British father and American mother, Mike Grist spent his childhood winging between the family farm in Kentucky and a terraced house in Manchester. At 18 he finished his last year of high school in Indiana, hitchhiked coast-to-coast then worked at a summer camp in Massachusetts.

Fascinated by the extremes of human behavior, Mike got his undergraduate degree in psychology at 21 then followed up with a Masters in motivation theory. Seeking to push himself beyond the normal, he lived in Tokyo, Japan for 11 years, documenting the dark side of the country's gangs, cults and abandoned places. His photography and articles have been featured in the Guardian and the Daily Mail, and thriller author Barry Eisler called his work, "Gorgeous, haunting, stunning."

Mike is a tournament-winning karate black belt, with training in jiu-jitsu, capoeria and handling arms. As research for the cult element of the Christopher Wren thrillers, Mike extensively interviewed cult survivors. Now he writes from London, UK, about cult leader and ex-DELTA operator Christopher Wren - a vigilante who brings harsh payback for dark crimes on an unprecedented scale.

Mike also writes post-apocalyptic fiction as Michael John Grist:

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