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Rough Diamonds is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contacme on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Rough Diamonds Cover

Rough Diamonds by Gillian Godden


Genre: Gangland Thriller

Tour Dates: 2nd -8th August 2022

Publication Date: 2nd August 022

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Standalone second book in a new series

Formats available: Netgalley Widget

Types of post available: Review Only

Pre-order Link:

Flawed, tough, unbreakable….

In the aftermath of her husband’s shocking murder, Patsy Diamond wants answers. Who was Nick really? Where is all his money? And who killed the man she once loved? Patsy knows exactly who to go to first - Nick’s pregnant mistress, Natasha.

Natasha might seem young and innocent, but Patsy’s certain the girl is hiding something. And the only way to find out what is to keep Natasha close and make her part of the Diamond family.

With the two women forming an unlikely bond, they begin to dig deeper into Nick’s secret life and discover things that shock…and terrify them.

Because Nick Diamond played a deadly game and if the women in his life want payback, then they are going to have to follow his rules – or break them and make their own.

But the strongest diamonds are created under pressure and these women are no exception...

About Gillian Godden

Gillian Godden is a brilliantly reviewed writer of gangland fiction as well as a full-time NHS Key Worker in Hull. She lived in London for over thirty years, where she sets her thrillers, and during this time worked in various stripper pubs and venues which have inspired her stories.


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Maximum 3 stops per day.  Confirmed blogs will appear here. 

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