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On 14th February 2021, Photographed in the Writer's Room by Michelle L. E. Price will be published. I would like to invite you to take part in this publication day promo celebration to ensure it will be a memorable publication day. If you want to join in please contact me on with your name, blog name and URL. 

Photographed in the Writer’s Room Cover

Photographed in the Writer’s Room by Michelle L. E. Price

Genre: Sweet Romance, ChickLit, RomCom

Promo Blitz Date: 14th February 2021

Publication Date: 14th February 2021

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Former TV star Brandi Tyler's big screen debut crashed and burned amid rumors of an affair with her married co-star… Now, she wants nothing more than to quietly slink away from Hollywood. When she's offered an opportunity to get out of town and work on a project involving the photographer that launched her career, it seems like the perfect escape! Unfortunately for Brandi, her famous face makes hiding out even a huge city like Houston a little tricky.

When the celebrated photographer's son offers to let her use his home for privacy, it seems like everything is falling into place. Little does she know that Michael Ames a gorgeous best selling author, and he comes with the package! As Brandi makes her way through old photographs and new scandals, Michael struggles with his next project, and they both fight the growing attraction between them.

Maybe a posse of new girlfriends, some Texas-sized boozy brunches, and a little private time in the writer's room will help this leading lady find her path back onscreen. And, if she can just picture it, maybe this time she'll even find love?


About Michelle L. E. Price   

Born in Montreal but raised in New England, author Michelle L. E. Price has been writing as long as anyone can remember. An avid reader who was on the verge of losing her mind as a mom to two small children, Michelle began writing her first book, Hidden in the Writer’s Room, as an escape… at least her characters would do exactly what she told them to do and she could always count on a happily ever after ending. She also enjoys wine, re-watching 90’s sitcoms and occasionally running, but heavily relies on writing to stay sane. Michelle is a firm believer that laughter and love are the best parts of life.

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