Ours Is The Winter by Laurie Ellingham

Genre: Women's Fiction

Tour Dates: 17th November 2017

Publication Date: 17th November 2017

Standalone Novel

Publisher - HQ Digital

Estimated Page Count - 384

Formats available: Netgalley Widget or Mobi

Types of post available: Reviews or Promo Posts

Pre-order on Amazonhttp://amzn.to/2h9G9ke

Journeying across the Arctic, their pasts are about to catch up with them.

Erica, Molly and Noah are embarking on the challenge of a lifetime, driving Siberian huskies across the frozen wilderness of the Arctic. Cut off from the world and their loved ones and thrown together under gruelling conditions, it isn’t long before the cracks start to show.


Erica has it all. A loving husband, a successful career and the most adorable baby daughter. But Erica has been living a double life, and as she nears her fortieth birthday her lies threaten to come crashing down.


Molly was on her way to stardom. But when her brother died, so did her dreams of becoming an Olympic champion.  Consumed by rage and grief, she has shut out everyone around her, but now she’s about to learn that comfort can come from the most unexpected places.


Noah has a darkness inside him and is hounded by nightmares from his past. Tortured, trapped and struggling to save his fractured relationship, he knows this journey is not going to help, but try telling his girlfriend that.


As their lives and lies become ever more entwined, it becomes clear that in the frozen wilds there is nowhere to hide.

About Laurie Ellingham

Laurie Ellingham lives on the Suffolk/Essex border with her two children, husband, and cockerpoo Rodney. She has a First Class honours degree in Psychology and a background in Public relations, but her main love is writing and disappearing into the fictional world of her characters, preferably with a large coffee and a Twix (or two) to hand.

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