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Love at First Site is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contacme on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Love at First Site Cover

Love at First Site by Phoebe MacLeod


Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Tour Dates: 25th - 31st July 2023

Publication Date: 25th July 2023

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Standalone Novel

Formats available: Netgalley Widget

Types of post available: Review Only

Pre-Order Link:

It’s a relationship under construction, and there are no warning signs…

Project Manager Ella Mackenzie thought she had her whole life perfectly mapped out – just like one of her colour-coded spreadsheets.  She is the last person to do anything reckless or impulsive.


But when her and her terrible boyfriend split, she is left single, homeless and without a backup plan.


Suddenly, her whole worldly belongings are crammed into the back of her little Fiat, and she’s driving two-hundred-and-fifty miles across the country to start a new job that she should never have accepted in an industry she knows nothing about. What could possibly go wrong?


Ella doesn’t know the first thing about building sites, but thankfully Noah Harris is an expert in construction and is there to show her the ropes (and the ladders).


And, as Ella is about to find out, he’s an expert in a few other things too…

About Phoebe MacLeod

Phoebe MacLeod is the author of several popular laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She mainly sets her books in her home county of Kent and her first new title for Boldwood will be published in November 2022. They will also be republishing her existing titles from August this year.

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Phoebe MacLeod

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