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Lottie Sparkles Magical Discovery is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Lottie Sparkles Magical Discovery by Petra Quelch

Genre: Children  5- 8 years old

Tour Dates: 19th - 28th November 2019

Publication Date: 29 August 2019

Formats available: Mobi or Epub (International) or Limited UK Paperbacks

Estimated Page Count - 30

Standalone Book 

Types of post available: Review Only

Purchase Link:

Who wouldn't like a magical jacket?Lottie Sparkles is a little girl who loves everything sparkly,mainly clothes. Anything plain or dirty is a disgrace in Lottie s mind! When Lottie is sent to spend time with her lovely grandparents in the countryside, she is furious because that essentially means smelly animals, lots of puddles and hard work!But what she certainly didn't count on was coming face to face with a magical object.

Lottie Sparkles Magical Discovery Cover

About Petra Quelch

The author loves everything sparkly and glittery but hopefully,she says, she is not a diva like Lottie from her book. Aside from all the glitz and glamour,she is a collector of magical books, tea sets, movies and a huge fan of chocolate. She has two little girls also known as "The Little Book-Fairies" with a BIG imagination.

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