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Let Your Lips Twitch is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contacme on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Let Your Lips Twitch Cover

Let Your Lips Twitch by R.A. Clarke


Genre: Humorous short story collection (Mixture of contemporary, fantasy, rom-com, and even a crime caper)

Tour Dates: 23rd - 29th March 2023

Publication Date: 4th February 2023

Estimated Page Count: 196

Standalone Short Story Collection

Formats available: Epub or PDF

Types of post available: Reviews (preferred) or basic promo / spotlight posts

Author Content Warning: One story speaks about depression and attempted suicide.

Pre-order Link:

Comedy is everywhere if you allow yourself to see it—to feel it. It can be subtle or overt, dark or joyous, adorable or cheeky. Such ageless versatility is beyond compare. Curated with that in mind, author R.A. Clarke proudly presents sixteen humorous stories to the world.

Between these covers, you'll find short fiction in several genres. Each tale is infused with unique characters and comical situations, some rooted in reality, others certainly not. Flip the page and join a jewel heist executed by bumbling thieves at a gastronomy party, meet a lowly soul gifted the fantastical chance to redo an all-consuming moment of regret, or sweat alongside a father as he realizes his daughter is growing up too fast. Turn another page and you’ll enjoy clowning around while meeting Mr. Right, then zoom in on a perfectly focused meet cute, or feel Mother Nature’s wrath as a rebellious fishing excursion goes all kinds of wrong. There is something in this collection for everyone to enjoy, including eight never-before-seen stories.

Allow yourself to be entertained and whisked away. Let humour in all its glorious forms tempt your lips to move. Don’t fight the urge. Embrace it. Go ahead and let your lips twitch.

About R.A. Clarke

R.A. Clarke is a former police officer turned stay-at-home mom from Portage la Prairie, MB. She shares life with a sport-aholic husband, two adorable children, and an ever-expanding collection of novels-in-progress. Besides sipping coffee and escaping to the lake, R.A. enjoys plotting multi-genre short fiction, and also writes/illustrates children’s chapter books as Rachael Clarke. She has won international short story competitions such as The Writer’s Games, Writer’s Weekly, and Red Penguin Books humour contest. In 2021, she was named a Hindi’s Libraries Females of Fiction finalist, a Dark Sire Award finalist, and a Futurescapes Award finalist. R.A.’s work has been published by a variety of publications, including Sinister Smile Press, Cloaked Press LLC, and Polar Borealis Magazine, among others.

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Blog Tour Schedule

Maximum 3 stops per day.  Confirmed blogs will appear here. 

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24th March

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25th March

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26th March

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27th March

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28th March

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29th March

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