What is a Daycause Campaign?

Daycause campaigns are a feaure of my various 1 day blog blitz services, that allow a mesage be seen by a huge group of people, your friends and supporters.
The more supporters a campaign gets, the more reach it has, the more people will see the message about a book.

How do I support a Daycause?

To support a Daycause campaign, click the link and authorise Daycause to your Facebook or Twitter account. It is completely safe.

What are the benefits of a Daycause Campaign?

When many people all spread the same message at the same time, through Facebook and Twitter it is really hard for it to be ignore. The more you see a book on social media, the more you start to build up familiarity and gain reader confidence. This just helps speed up the process, while getting out your message - be it about publication day, or a price drop to a larger audience, for a small time investment from the supporter. Daycause can be very effective at getting a message out about a price drop, or about a new release, or any oher message you would like to get across to as many people as possible.

What happens after I have pledged my support?

On the set date and time for the campaign a message will be sent from the social media account you authorised Daycause to use, to your followers. No additional input is needed. It is a way to pledge your support to an author and their book for a minimal time investment, less than a minute.

Now that you know what a Daycause campaign is, please take a moment to lend your support to the active ones I am running. Each and every author will appreciate your support. 

Far Cry From The Turquoise Room by Kate Rigby

  • 7th March - 12pm

  • 99p Price drop information.

Far Cry From The Turquoise Room

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