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Dark Paradise is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Dark Paradise Cover

Dark Paradise by Gene Desrochers

Genre: Mystery

Tour Dates: 10th - 16th September 2018

Publication Date: 25th June 2018

Formats available: Mobi, Epub or PDF

First book in a series

Estimated Page Count - 326

Types of post available: Reviews, guest posts, extracts or Q&As

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Boise Montague’s life in Los Angeles has fallen apart. After his wife dies, he returns to the tiny island where he grew up. Unfortunately, coming home doesn’t bring him the peace he’s looking for.

Things have changed drastically since his last visit. The island has moved on and so have the people he once knew. When Boise tries to find the one friend he thinks he can count on to be there for him, he’s confronted with another death. A murder. A murder that the police did not think important enough to investigate thoroughly.

Boise wants answers. He enlists a local reporter named Dana, who has theories of her own, to help him dig deeper.

With not much left to lose, a bone to pick with the justice system, and a relentless partner, Boise sets out to do what the police would not: solve the murder of Jeffrey Black.

The island of St. Thomas is a gleaming tropical paradise. Welcome to the Caribbean, where murder is as common as sunshine.

About Gene Desrochers

Gene Desrochers hails from a dot in the Caribbean Sea called St. Thomas. He grew up with minimal supervision and free-roaming animals in a guesthouse that also served as a hospital during wartime. He has spent his life steadily migrating west, and now finds himself in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife, cats, and kids. After a lifetime of writing and telling short stories, he ventured into the deep end, publishing his first novel, Dark Paradise in 2018. If you ask, he will regale you with his Caribbean accent and tennis prowess.

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Maximum 3 stops per day.  Confirmed blogs will appear here. 

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