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On 8th February @ 10am GMT the covers will be revealed for Murder at Raven’s Edge and Murder at Ravenswood House by Louise Marley. I would like to invite you to take part and reveal these fabulous covers to your followers. If you want to join in please contact me on with your name, blog name and URL. 

Murder at Raven’s Edge by Louise Marley


Genre: Murder Mystery / Cosy Crime

Cover Reveal: 8th February @ 10am GMT 2024

Publication Date: 7th May 2024

When Milla Graham arrives in the picture-perfect village of Raven’s Edge she tells everyone she’s investigating the murder of her mother, who died eighteen years ago. But there’s already one Milla Graham buried in the churchyard and another about to be found dead in the derelict family mansion. Obviously she’s lying.

Detective Inspector Ben Taylor has no life outside of the police force. Even his own colleagues think he’s a boring stick-in-the-mud. But now he’s met Milla and his safe, comfortable life has been turned upside down. She’s crashed his car, emptied his wallet and is about to get him fired. He knows she’s a liar because she cheerfully told him so.

Unless she’s lying about that too…

Temporary blurb subject to change

Murder at Ravenswood House by Louise Marley


Genre: Murder Mystery / Cosy Crime

Cover Reveal: 8th February @ 10am GMT 2024

Publication Date: 7th May 2024

The village of Raven’s Edge is famous for its stories of witches turning into ravens and spectral highwaymen seeking revenge. As the nights draw in and autumn mists curl along the high street, even the most pragmatic person might start to believe in…ghosts?

Musician Lorcan Black has moved into a remote medieval farmhouse to work on a solo album but on the day a woman is found murdered beside the village pond, he wakes up, covered in blood, on a tomb linked to a 17th century highwayman.

Detective Inspector Ben Taylor remembers Lorcan from a time when they were both called something else, when a trip to the village carnival went horribly wrong and a man died right in front of him. He knows it’s not the spirit of a vengeful highwayman haunting Raven’s Edge, but a ghost from his own past.

Could it be just as deadly?

Temporary blurb subject to change

About Louise Marley

Louise Marley writes murder mysteries and romantic comedies. She is lucky enough to live in a village where there is a famous library and TWO ruined castles. (Her husband still thinks they moved there by accident).

Her first published novel was Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, which was a finalist in Poolbeg's 'Write a Bestseller' competition. She has also written articles for the Irish press and short stories for women's magazines such as Take a Break and My Weekly. Previously, Louise worked as a civilian administrative officer for the police.

Louise's books have spent a total of 7 months in the Amazon Top 100 (UK). Three of her books have been #1 bestsellers in Romantic Suspense and Smoke Gets in Your Eyes was #1 in Romance.

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