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Coffins & Confetti (A Celebrant’s Memoir Of Life, Loss & Love) is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name and preferred post type.

Coffins & Confetti (A Celebrant’s Memoir Of Life, Loss & Love) by Ruth Graham

Genre: Authentic Experience Memoir

Tour Dates: 25th July - 1st August 2023

Publication Date: 25th July 2023

Formats available: Epub and Limited UK paperbacks

Standalone Book

Estimated Page Count - 220

Author Content Warning: There is information on baby loss, but it is handled informatively and sensitively.

Types of post available: Reviews (preferred), Q&As (blogger supplied) and limited author supplied Q&As

Following the success of her first book, A Thousand Goodbyes, writer Ruth Graham invites us to join her on the next part of her journey as an Independent Civil Celebrant.

She honestly believed she'd seen it all - apparently not! Once again, we're exposed to the best, worst (and funniest) examples of human behaviour in Ruth's latest novel, Coffins & Confetti, but this time the tears and laughter are set against the poignant backdrop of the writer’s own search for true and lasting love.

Written in conversational style with trademark humour, Coffins & Confetti takes the reader on a journey encompassing the darkest corners of despair, peppered with some of the funniest true-life stories you will ever hear.


A letter to life, a memo to mortality but above all, a testament to tenacity, Coffins & Confetti is a book which oozes humanity and hope with the message that if you hang on in there long enough, things will always turn around ...

About Ruth Graham

With an eclectic background in music; acting; presenting; comedy; journalism; writing; counselling and teaching (to name just a few careers), Ruth Graham could never have guessed all the skills she’d acquired would be needed for her final role – that of funeral and wedding celebrant.

With no two days ever the same, Ruth travels all over the West Midlands to meet grieving families or happy couples, in preparation for the happiest and saddest days of peoples’ lives.

It’s a huge role, with so many expectations attached – and a lot of pressure to get things right. But as Ruth says, it’s also a huge privilege to be able to bring comfort in times of sadness, or to create something really beautiful and unique for a couple lucky enough to have found their match.

That said, in the great improv show of life, everything doesn’t always run smoothly because it involves humans at their best and worst. The result is endless amounts of material and two books to her credit so far.

The first one ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’ (The Surprising Life Of A Funeral Celebrant) garnered fantastic reviews: Hilarious Un-Putdownable /Moving/Touching/Must Read) from bloggers, industry professionals and the general public.

Ruth is hoping the same for Coffins & Confetti but either way she intends to keep working as a celebrant knowing she’s making a real difference to others’ lives. 

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