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Brown Eyes is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contacme on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Brown Eyes Cover

Brown Eyes by Frances Ive


Genre:  Women’s fiction / Dog lovers

Tour Dates: 21st - 25th February 2022

Publication Date: Mid January 2022

Standalone Novella

Estimated Page Count: 100

Formats available: Mobi or Epub

Types of post available: Reviews, extracts, guest posts and Q&As

Like a fly on the wall. From the inside out. The heart of the family. The only one to see it all.

The family dog sees everything, so when Meriel gets a call and collapses into tears, Benji knows something is very wrong. The life in the family he loves and everything he knows starts to fall apart, and Benji fears for all of them.

Meriel and Phil’s marriage unravels fast and relationships with the children follow suit.  Benji, the Labrador, watches like a hawk and sees the tears when Meriel tells her best friends what is going on. He is wary of the new people in their lives, terrified that life will never return to normal. 

Narrated by both the dog and Meriel, Brown Eyes looks inside a marriage that is breaking up. Can it be saved?

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About Frances Ive

A career as a journalist/PR led to health writing for UK nationals newspapers and consumer mags. Out of the blue I was inspired to write my first novel, Finding Jo, which I self-published in January 2021. Brown Eyes is my 2nd novel, written a few years ago. It was inspired by our black Labrador Benji. Before Finding Jo,  I previously had only non-fiction books published, including One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis (2019), a positive approach to staying mobile

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