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Blooms of War is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

Blooms of War by Suzanne Tierney

Genre:  Adult Historical Fiction’ Women’s Fiction (adult themes)

Tour Dates: 27th August - 3rd September 2020

Publication Date: 27th August 2020

Formats available: Mobi, Epub or PDF

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count - 360

Author Content Warning: Graphic/gruesome medical scenes (a severed foot), A  secondary character’s abortion   (the heroine does not perform the procedure, but is required to clean-up afterwards and bury the child), Drug addiction – the heroine has a confrontation with a drug addict

Types of post available: Reviews, extracts or Q&As (author and blogger supplied)

In war, she fell in love.

Vera Betts shouldn’t be falling in love with the enigmatic doctor she suspects of espionage. Reeling from her family’s betrayal, she’s faked her nursing credentials, invented a new name, and run away to the frontlines of the French battlefield. Four years into the Great War and she knows who she is and what she’s meant for—to save the living and sit vigil by the dying. When the cagey-yet-earnest Dr. Nicholas Wallace arrives, so do mysterious explosions destroying hospitals. Even as Nick raises her suspicions, he lowers her defenses. He wants the war to end. Are his acts of sabotage politically motivated or a desperate attempt at peace?

In peace, she fell apart.

A year later, Vera is back with her oppressive family, living under her real name, and Nick is on trial for murder. Trapped in grief and guilt, she cannot speak about the past and does not believe in the future. With Nick refusing to defend himself, she ventures to London to understand why he is so willing to embrace the hangman’s noose. Who is he trying to protect? What secrets does he plan to carry to his grave? And why does Nick insist upon hiding her true identity? To save the man she loves, Vera must tear open the past and confront the tragic price for peace.

Blooms of War Cover

About Suzanne Tierney

Writer of lush, historical happily-ever-after tales, Suzanne Tierney believes in true love. But she takes delicious pleasure in making her characters fight, flutter, and find their way to each other. Her books have won numerous awards and she has twice been a Golden Heart Finalist® with the Romance Writers of America.

Suzanne grew up in Oregon, adulted in the San Francisco Bay Area, and somehow ended up in Florida, where she is very much a cold-water fish learning to navigate humid, salty seas. She loves chatting with readers.

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