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Kings of Conflict is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

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Kings of Conflict by MJ Porter

Genre: Historical Fiction / Adventure

Tour Dates: 6th - 12th August 2024

Publication Date: 6th August 2024

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Formats available: Netgalley Widget

Standalone Fourth and final Book in The Brunanburh series 

Types of post available: Reviews only

The final, thrilling instalment in MJ Porter's The Brunanburh Series.

Can King Edmund of the English banish the Norse invaders from England one final time?



In the wake of the agreement reached at Lincoln between Edmund and Anlaf Sihtricson of the Norse, Edmund returns to Wessex to reflect and rebuild, impatient to reverse his losses at Lincoln.

But this is the winter of discontent. In Jorvik and the kingdom of the Scots, those who’ve waited too long to become kings in their own right grow restless.

As the enemies of the English turn on themselves, Edmund senses the opportunity to reclaim all his brother, the victor of Brunanburh, managed to gain before his untimely death plunged England back into war with her many foes.

With his sights set firmly on York, can he recreate the England his brother built, or will the enemies of England realise the error of their ways and once more unite to drive Edmund back to Wessex, leaving York in the hands of the Norse.

A thrilling conclusion to MJ Porter's epic retelling of the consequences of the battle of Brunanburh.

About MJ Porter

MJ Porter is the author of many historical novels set predominantly in Seventh to Eleventh-Century England, and in Viking Age Denmark. Raised in the shadow of a building that was believed to house the bones of long-dead Kings of Mercia, meant that the author's writing destiny was set.

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Maximum 3 stops per day.  Confirmed blogs will appear here. 

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