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An Artisan Lovestyle

An Artisan Lovestyle is going on tour with Rachel's Random Resources, if you wish to participate please contact me on with your name, blog name, preferred post type and availability. 

An Artisan Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson


Genre: Womans Fiction / Contemporary Fiction

Tour Dates: 9th - 18th July 2018

Publication Date: 28th June 2018

Formats available: Mobi

Estimated Page Count - 450-ish

Standalone Novel - Lovestyle Series; Book 2

Author warning - Death is mentioned but not really in a bad way.

Types of post available: Reviews, Guest Posts and Q&As

Are you ‘living’ your life or just living your life?


Elsa Clairmont was widowed barely five years after marrying her childhood sweetheart. She has struggled to come to terms with the loss and, six years later, has almost ceased to live herself. She does just enough to get by.


Danny Delaney is the ultimate ‘Mr Nice Guy’. He’s kind, caring and sweet. A talented artist in his teens, his abusive mother ruined his love of art and he turned his back on his exceptional gift. Now, he does just enough to get by.


On New Year’s Eve, both Danny and Elsa die in unrelated accidents.


Thanks to some poker playing shenanigans, Elsa’s husband Harry, and Danny’s old Art teacher, William, manage to orchestrate a deal with Death that allows them both to live for one more year on the condition they both agree to complete three tasks.


They have until the last chime of Big Ben on the 31st December to complete their tasks.


If they succeed, they stay in the world of the living.


If they should fail however…


‘An Artisan Lovestyle’ is a story of personal growth and self-discovery as two people find themselves forced to make overdue changes in their lives, changes in other people’s lives and with the added challenge of finding true love before their time runs out.


Can they do it?


Will they do it?


After all, it’s a matter of Life or Death…

About Kiltie Jackson

Kiltie grew up in Glasgow in Scotland,  
This is a very unique city with a very unique way of looking at life.

When she was old enough to do so, she moved to London and then,
after several years of obtaining interesting experiences -which are 
finding their way into her writing - she moved up to the Midlands. 

Kiltie currently lives in Staffordshire with five cats and one grumpy husband. 
Her little home is known as Moggy Towers, even though despite having 
plenty of moggies, there are no towers! 

The cats kindly allow her and Mr Mogs to share their house on the 
condition they keep paying the mortgage! 

She loves reading, watching movies, and visiting old castles. 
She really dislikes going to the gym! 

Her biggest desire is that one day she can give up the day job 
and write her stories for a living.

Kiltie Jackson Photo

Kiltie's debut novel, 'A Rock 'n' Roll Lovestyle', was released in September 2017 and won a "Chill With A Book - Reader Award" in December 2017.

She first began writing her debut novel eleven years before it was released but shelved it as she didn't think it was very good.

In November 2016 when, having read more on a best-selling author who had begun her own career as a 

self-published author, she was inspired to revisit the unfinished manuscript and finally finish what she had started.

Since beginning to write again, the ideas have not stopped flowing. 
'An Artisan Lovestyle' is the second book in the Lovestyle Series.

Work is due to begin on book three (not yet titled but also part of the Lovestyle Series) in the Summer of 2018.
She currently has a further ten plots and ideas stored in her file (it's costing a fortune in USB drives as each story has its own memory stick!) and  the ideas still keep on coming. 

Kiltie now lives her life around the following three quotes:
"I love having weird dreams, they're great fodder for book plots!"
"Why wait for your ship to come in when you can swim out to meet it?"
"Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!"

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